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The Professional Way of Terrazzo Polishing

An all natural stone, Terrazzo consists of common marble mixed with cement. After Terrazzo polishing, they appear in a number of colors, so to express your creativity: polish aterrazzo floor. Beginning in a liquid form, terrazzo comes from suspending marble chips in either epoxy or cement, spilled in place and ground smooth. Compared with marble, Terrazzo has a bit of resistancebut it can be easily damaged as well.

Your terrazzo floors can be polished and restored to their original high-gloss look by professional service. These experts are utilizing the most advanced diamond grit discs to polish your terrazzo floors even appearing better than they would have looked from the start. Using their latest polishing machines and techniques, they will give you floors that will retain their polish for years to come.

Home owners of original terrazzo floors are lucky but to maintain its looks, it needs constant polishing not just by anyone. Doing the task yourself might save you a few dollars but polishing floors are not for those without training.

Professional polishing of Terrazzo is a tedious taskinvolving complicated work. First is to carefully tape and use plastic to protect walls and cabinets. The team is using a new surfacegrind with 120 grit metal honing discs on a planetary machine with counter spinning heads. The purpose is to eliminate the top layer of the dull-looking terrazzo floor exposing virgin surface. Then the edges and corners are hand grind to ensure a consistent surface.

For chips or cracks on the terrazzo floor, the holes are drilled out and refill with matching marble chips, then the patch is grind to match the surrounding terrazzo floor.

Patching a terrazzo is an art that takes years to master. So the job is not trusted to just any flooring company's sub-contractor. Terrazzo floors are not the same as there are several kinds of stones and binding agents used in creating a terrazzo. When it comes topatching your terrazzo, the patch must match the existing floor. Craftsmen will really go out of their way to identify the exact stones originally used in your floor and will use those same stones if any patches are required. Some terrazzo floors are ruined by an inferior type of service. Most companies offer free consultation.

Once experts exposed the virgin surface of your terrazzo floor and repair the damages, they will continue polishing the floor employing continuously first-rate honing disc of diamond resin. This rigorous procedureis a guarantee that your floor is buffed to the minutest level with no spaces available for grimes to accumulate on the surface of terrazzo floors. You will be able to continue maintaining this polish for years with just a damp mop.

Summary of  steps to polish terrazzo: Continue grinding the entire floor surface with the diamond resin 50 grit honing disc; then with adiamond resin 120 grit honing disc; thenwith the diamond resin 220 grit honing disc;  Continue grinding with the diamond resin 400 grit honing disc; and with the diamond resin 800 grit honing disc. Finally, polish to a high gloss.

The professional way of terrazzo polishing is your guarantee to have fresh, shiny and beautiful-looking floor that you can leave to generations behind as a legacy.