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Terrazzo Cleaning gives Floor a lasting Impression

Among the best materials that are proliferating in today’s market is a composite poured-in-place or a pre-cast floor and wall materials known as the Terrazzo. A merging of glass, granite, quartz, marble or other useful chips, it could be sprayed or unsprayed and spilled with a binder that is cement-like or a chemical, and can be a combination of both. Terrazzo cleaning gives your floor a lasting impression and it is your best option to enjoy the use of this common floor material that was cured, grounded and polished with a smooth surface; otherwise its finished product has a uniformed textured surface.

Terrazzo is easily stained by food or drink spills, including acid-based spills from sodas and spaghetti sauce that blemishes and incises the surface. Immediately wipe and spillages from terrazzo for the longer the acidic liquid stays on the surface, the more damage it will cause.

Do away with spills on terrazzo by blotting it. Always remove stains before any crystallizing or refinishing job is done. This is an essential measure for good results.

A vacuum cleaner will remove all the dirt from a terrazzo floor but refrain from using a beater-bar vacuum cleaner, as the beater will drag the dirt across the floor and leave scratch marks.

Use a pH-neutral floor cleanser for stone on your mop for it is the best method for cleaning the area. Refrain from using consumer floor cleansers, as they are not neutralized pH and likely to corrode or stain the floor. Leave mop water to sit on the floor for five minutes to loosen dirt.

Do not use any oil-based cleaner or stain remover as oil products indelibly tinge terrazzo flooring. Before using a cleaning commercial product specially formulated for terrazzo floors, check in concealed area first to test for discoloration Wash the mop while changing the water often. Use towels or clothe to dry the surface of the floor.

Keep stain off the floor by placing rugs or mats in busy areas and near the fridge or stove, and wipe immediately any spills. Get down on your hands and knees to scrutinize if mopping the floor was adequate. If you notice stained areas, apply a condensed solution of stone cleanser and water. Scrub briskly the spot using a nylon-bristle brush.

Scour the floor scrupulously using a strong scrubber for big and very messy floors. Manually clean the edges and corners to keep soap mixtures from drying again and forming dirty pockets. Get rid of the filthy water residue with mop and water. A final rinse using distilled water will prevent white residue from growing on the floor. To prevent water spotting, dry the floor thoroughly.

A floor polisher is the best tool to make your floor shine. Some of the traditional terrazzo floors need frequent waxing for a stain-resistant surface.

Follow a regular cleaning schedule to avoid dust, dirt, and debris from piling on your floor. Regular cleaning will help you eliminate overuse stains.

Terrazzo cleaning is your only remedy to maintain the beauty of your floor!