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Terrazzo Floor Polishing

An all natural stone, Terrazzo consists of common marble mixed with cement. After Terrazzo polishing, they appear in a number of colors, so to express your creativity: polish aterrazzo floor. Beginning in a liquid form, terrazzo comes from suspending marble chips in either epoxy or cement, spilled in place and ground smooth. Compared with marble, Terrazzo has a bit of resistancebut it can be easily damaged as well....[ More ]

Terrazzo Floor Cleaning

Among the best materials that are proliferating in today’s market is a composite poured-in-place or a pre-cast floor and wall materials known as the Terrazzo. A merging of glass, granite, quartz, marble or other useful chips, it could be sprayed or unsprayed and spilled with a binder that is cement-like or a chemical, and can be a combination of both. Terrazzo cleaning gives your floor a lasting impression and it is your best option to enjoy the use of this common floor material that was cured, grounded and polished with a smooth surface; otherwise its finished product has a uniformed textured surface...[ More ]

Terrazzo Floor Restoration

It is the responsibility of every home owner to keep their terrazzo surfaces shiny and clean so it stays beautiful and attractive. But after a year, you will notice that the luster of terrazzo tiles in your home will start fading. Fading is not the only effect of time for some stains and spots would start appearing. Many floor damages are basically due to the high traffic around the area. Conducting a do-it-yourself terrazzo restorationjob is fine but it is more practical to consult a professional Terrazzo Floor Restoration Miami service.....[ More ]

Terrazzo Floor Repair

If you think that your terrazzo floors in your home are becoming dull and damaged then you certainly need to get a proper terrazzo repair job right away. Always keep in mind that it is a wise investment if you consider having a professional terrazzo floor repair. Old terrazzo should be restored and repaired. Basically, getting a professional terrazzo floor repair is better than installing new floors. Contact a local terrazzo floor repair company right away for complete repair and restoration services....[ More ]