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Marble Cleaning and Polishing Miami

Marble Care Service Miami

Marble Floor Cleaning

Any space becomes beautiful with marble floors, especially when they are polished and lustrous. However, marble floors do not remain lustrous for long. Dirt and dust can accumulate on the surface after years of use, and make the marble floors lose their shine and become dull in the process. The only way marble floors can become as good as new again is through marble floor cleaning...[ More ]

Marble Floor Polishing

Proper maintenance and proper care of the marble could extend its life and increase its beauty, prevent etches and scratches and keep it looking new and shiny for several years. You can do several things in order to keep your marble floor neat and clean. You can avoid using footwear inside your home. Instead, you can move around barefoot on the floor, since this could prevent it from scratches, roughness and dirt. Any building or house would look wonderful if it has glossy finished and flawless marble floor...[ More ]

Marble Floor Repair

Marble is an amazing stone, which is in use by people for various purposes. This amazing stone looks great and shiny when polished or when under proper care and maintenance. Being extremely porous, it could stain easily and suffer damage such as chipping or cracking. Marble Repair Miami companies such as Colonial Floor and Stone Care, understand this work, and provide experience and well trained experts....[ More ]

Marble Floor Restoration

Marble may be a beautiful stone, but it is soft and more sensitive than others. Its surface is prone to etching, scratching and more severe forms of damage. Without warning, fine etches on the marble floor can become deeper scratches. When that happens, marble floor restoration would be needed to keep the stone in great shape. Marble floor restoration is a job for professionals; it is a task that should only be carried out by people with the necessary expertise and experience. Marble Polishing Miami has many years of experience in stone maintenance and our skilled professionals are guaranteed to restore marble floors and make them like new again. Clients can expect nothing but superior quality marble services from us...[ More ]

Marble Floor Refinishing

Marble floors are a great addition to any home. These make any room more elegant and sophisticated. Unfortunately, the scratching or staining of these floors is inevitable: debris such as dust and dirt are abrasive, while spillage of food and drinks are common. When the marble floors are scratched and stained, they would lose their polish and look dull. At this point, marble floor refinishing becomes necessary...[ More ]

Marble Etch Removal

These days, most of the homeowners use different colored marble tiles and they look attractive and amazing. However, marble stone is a porous material, which gets stains and can easily suffer damage. The main reason is that marble contains large amount of calcium carbonate that reacts with acids. Thus, it requires proper care and regular maintenance...[ More ]

Marble Sealing

Many of the people might be longing for elegance and sophistication provided by the marble stones. Most of the people might know that marble looks beautiful and attractive when polished. At the same time, it could become dull and dirty as time passes. Therefore, it requires proper care and regular maintenance. You can solve some of the minor problems by yourself. However, if you do not have any idea about how to protect your marble floor then you need professional help....[ More ]

Marble Repolishing

Marble is a natural stone, which has been in use by man since ancient times for several purposes such as for fine building works, for making fine statues, furniture, countertops, flooring and for various other purposes. Marble is really an amazing stone, which looks great when it polished. At the same time, it requires proper care and maintenance in order to extend its life and look....[ More ]